What are your Blissiplines?

I truly hope that you are having wonderful time and 2014 is off to an awesome start. Yesterday, I heard a new term ” Blissipline”& tried to find the meaning of it. Blissipline is a combination of Bliss +Discipline.Its an interesting concept of being in “BLISS” as you strive towards achieving your goals.Sound Awesome!.

I closed my eyes & thought about extending Blissiplines and finding out things that help us stay plugged into our highest version of ourselves and keep us in Bliss mode.Imagine how the world be if we start operating in blissipline.

My Current top Blissiplines are :

  • Yoga+Meditation
  • Running + Family walk
  • Reading interesting books & having thoughtful conversation with Authors
  • Visualization & dreaming along with my family
  • Doing something that moves me closure to my ultimate purpose
  • Gratitude +Helping people & mother earth
  • Light & healthy food…

Someone rightly said that “Transformation begins with an awareness”.I feel great,awesome when I practice my rituals however if i miss my rituals & don’ practice my blissiplines, i am little cranky and moody.My level of confidence & energy are directly proportional to quality of blissiplines Practice.

Interestingly , when i do things that move me closure to my purpose, I feel extremely excited.It seems there is a universal intelligence+bliss waves that moves with us when we move in the direction of our Purpose.

Generally, people take discipline to be tough on your self or working against your heart wish however if we get into our purpose zone i.e. focus on why we’re doing what we’re doing and understanding our reason for being here,life become blissful.

So what are your Blissiplines that keep you to your highest selves?

I am extremely excited today as I am heading for my Full Marathon run in Auroville  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auroville) on Sunday.Very Beautiful Place.

Many Thanks for reading.

Deep Respect & Gratitude,

Your Friend




About singhpratyush

Pratyush is highly Energetic,Passionate & Inspiring IT leader who has worked for various leading Organizations such as Citicorp,Siebel,General Electric,Aditya Birla Group.Apart from his interest in technologies (CRM, Predictive Analytics & Connected World) & how technology is changing the world around us, He is constant learning being with focus of improving each & every aspect of his own life and life around him.He is passionate about spreading a message of Inspired and Happy Living.He dreams of making world a better place through a Philosophy of "Inspired & Happy Living" by adding value to every soul that he can reach. Stay Happy & Great.
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2 Responses to What are your Blissiplines?

  1. Sujay. G says:

    Nice one Pratyush!!! Hope your Blissiplines took you to the next level. I am sure, you are used to finding something new in life, everyday. Wish you more such successes

    • Hey Sujay – I am on continuous path to find,discover and make my life & other people’s life more blissful….Nothing gives me more happiness than to bring smile over to people’s face around me…

      Stay in touch & stay very very happy

      Deep Gratitude,

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