Ideas are Cheap. Execution is expensive

………Execution is about dealing with heartaches & setbacks,massive effort,consistency,grit and turning a dream into a reality…….

Often times , My colleagues and friends tell me that their ideas have either been stolen or someone else executed it before they could make their idea a reality.Have you not encountered similar things or heard about it?

I have started to believe that “Ideas are cheap” unless you work on your idea. With all due respect to idea generators,It’s far easier to come up with an idea than it is to translate it into something concrete and useful – and getting it produced and marketed is a bigger step again.I have a massive respect for “EXECUTION” because the real trick to making something great often has extremely little to do with the idea, and much more to do with the execution.

“Genius is 1% Inspiration and 99% Perspiration”: Thomas Alva Edison

At best, an idea is a launching pad – a take off point. Converting the idea into something that can be built and that actually works is very difficult. Making something out of it that others want and are willing to pay for is even more difficult. Unless and until you move from that “brilliant billion dollar” idea to the point of actually EARNING that billion dollars, its nothing but a pile of “Stress” in the dark.

I asked one of my mentor -” How to build most innovative team?”  .My beloved mentor responded by saying that most leaders begin with idea of building world class and most innovative organization however end up building mediocre organization.He gave me rational that most leaders think that world class ,most innovative organization can be build by populating your team with “dreamers” , “idea generators”, ” PPT creator”.What they miss are doers & incrementalists.

I found it to be outstanding piece of advise and will populate team with mix of dreamers , doers & incrementalist.I strongly feel that we need dreamers as doers don’t imagine as much because they are obsessively focused on the logistics of execution.Focussed dreaming at times is essential. Incrementalists are those with the ability to play the role of both Dreamer and Doer.

What is your opinion? How are you building & shaping your Organization?

Many Thanks for reading & sharing your thoughts.

With deep respect & Gratitude

Your Friend,


“A really great talent finds its happiness in execution.” – Anonymous

“A vision without execution is an hallucination.”- Jeffrey E. Garten


About singhpratyush

Pratyush is highly Energetic,Passionate & Inspiring IT leader who has worked for various leading Organizations such as Citicorp,Siebel,General Electric,Aditya Birla Group.Apart from his interest in technologies (CRM, Predictive Analytics & Connected World) & how technology is changing the world around us, He is constant learning being with focus of improving each & every aspect of his own life and life around him.He is passionate about spreading a message of Inspired and Happy Living.He dreams of making world a better place through a Philosophy of "Inspired & Happy Living" by adding value to every soul that he can reach. Stay Happy & Great.
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