How do u convert your bad day to a GREAT day?

I am extremely positive, enthusiastic & energetic human being. Few days are not as great as rest of the other days. Sometime , I am surprised why my brain give more focus to “few bad or average days”  vs many “Great days”. One of my approach to tackle my own issues is to journal and blog so that I can continue to deepen my own values of living every moment with positivity.

Quote #  “If you’re in a bad situation, don’t worry it’ll change. If you’re in a good situation, don’t worry it’ll change.” – John A Simone

 While meditating, I thought about how to convert “any average day” to “an awesome day” or how to minimize the effect of your average day?Following are some of the thoughts that came to my mind. Please feel free to add “Your Thoughts” so that we have system or tools to fill our life with more awesome days.

  • Whenever you get a slight trigger of Negative thought, Remind and tell yourself  “This is a negative thought, how can I change it into a positive one?”. At times catching your negative thoughts early in the cycle reduces its impact.
  • Run or Meditate – Yesterday (4th April), running was not part of my schedule however I ended up running 90 min just to get over my average day & possibly convert to an awesome day. It did help me to a great deal after 90 min of my running plus 15 min of meditation.
  • Deep breathing – When things aren’t going well with me , I just take a few very deep breaths. It helps my mind to calm down & reduces effect of negative thoughts.
  • Gratitude Journal – Journal or blogging is a great way to release stress and anxiety since it helps you focus on whats going well in your life vs focus on “tiny negative” thoughts that is occupying significant part of your head. Write it even if no one is going to read it, the fact that you wrote it down will convert your “average day” to a “better day”.
  • Positive Thoughts – Reading positive thoughts can reverse your negative thinking to more powerful positive thinking.”Positive Thoughts “ have great power. I have been posting “Positive /powerful thoughts” on my facebook or twitter account from last 3 years. It not only help me remain positive but also motivate my lovely friends.
  • Think of one of your friend who is very inspiring & call him/her. Extremely powerful technique.
  • Help someone.
  • Get into solitude & start laughing
  • Ask some of the VERY fundamental question to your self.
        • Will it matter 5 years from now?
        • Has anyone died here?
        • What is the Opportunity here?
        • What is one single, small step that can turn around your situation?
  • Learned Optimism – Napoleon Hill mentioned it very powerfully that “Thoughts become things or reality”. If we continue to think negative thoughts, they are likely to become reality.
  • Visualization – Visualize your future 2-5 years from now depending on your Life Goal. It activates your creative subconscious which will start generating creative ideas to achieve your goal. Athletes call this visualization process “mental rehearsal,” and they have been using it since the 1960s when they learned about it from the Russians.

I am going to Practice above more diligently and repeat my own “affirmation” whenever I come across an average thought to strengthen my motivation, and program my subconscious mind by sending an order deep within to convert my THOUGHT to an AWESOME Thought.

How are you planning to manage your bad day or your average thought?Many Thanks for reading & responding.

With Great Respect & Gratitude


Quote #  “Peace begins with a smile.” ~Mother Theresa…Lets continue to smile & spread it to as many soul as we can.


About singhpratyush

Pratyush is highly Energetic,Passionate & Inspiring IT leader who has worked for various leading Organizations such as Citicorp,Siebel,General Electric,Aditya Birla Group.Apart from his interest in technologies (CRM, Predictive Analytics & Connected World) & how technology is changing the world around us, He is constant learning being with focus of improving each & every aspect of his own life and life around him.He is passionate about spreading a message of Inspired and Happy Living.He dreams of making world a better place through a Philosophy of "Inspired & Happy Living" by adding value to every soul that he can reach. Stay Happy & Great.
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  1. Suman says:

    Great thoughts…

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