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The Value of Small Daily Action – THE COMPOUND EFFECT – Part 1

Note # This blog was originally published # http://www.pratyushsingh.com/the-value-of-small-daily-action-the-compound-effect-part-1/ Recently, I came across an interesting Phrase “Microwave Mentality” over a conversation on how companies today market different Product  that Promises you Instant Gratification , Overnight success, get younger , Get fit … Continue reading

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Is having difference of Opinion Good?

Recently , One of my ex-colleague mentioned that he wants to leave his Organization as he is having massive difference of opinion with his boss. His boss is MOST stressful part of his Job and its taking toll on his … Continue reading

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An unusual Thought about Life and Belief

My 1st attempt to write a poem that I recently thought while meditating.. Life & Belief By Pratyush Singh. Within each one of us lies a Strong Belief that gets buried,lost due to zillion distractions A belief waiting to be awaken,loved,nourished,launched … Continue reading

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Body Fuel (Food) as Competitive Advantage to your Career

I am learning being with a commitment to take my life to next level in terms of becoming world class human being , world class professional & having a world class health. I Practice Yoga, do regular running, do Marathon … Continue reading

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