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Recently, I was talking to an entrepreneur and he wanted my opinion on the possibility of success of his idea. He surprised me by asking if I could sign a “Non Disclosure Agreement” [NDA] …

One of my life goal to help and uplift as many people as I can hence took it as an opportunity to get deep dive invited for an interesting conversation…

I asked him , what is his definition of idea and how would he value his idea? According to him , Ideas are currency of success that is going to make him next “Sachin Bansal” [One of the Founder of Flipkart].

One thing that I do with my coaching clients is to upgrade the quality of their questions. My next question to him was “Tell me an original idea that led to great success”. He didn’t have an answer.

Point is you don’t need an original idea to become successful. I find that many successful companies became successful by executing a unoriginal idea.

  • iPod wasn’t first music player
  • Facebook was a clone of Myspace
  • Google wasn’t first search engine. Google didn’t invent monetization[overture did it] etc

 There are lots of big ideas out there but most of them never move forward as there is no one making them possible.I agree that great ideas are the fuel of creative life, but it wont become success unless you work harder on transforming these ideas into reality.

To me “ideation with execution is mere delusion” and has no value unless its acted upon and brought to life. With due respect , this world is full of great thinkers & philosophers who are great at thinking and not so good at execution..Great entrepreneurs are great at execution..



Lets accept the fact that an idea Is just an idea. Its not

  • Not a trademark or copyright
  • Not a business or Patent
  • Not a Product

I found it funny when another entrepreneur mentioned that he would OWN the idea and outsource the execution. As Steve Job once mentioned that there is a great craftsmanship between a great idea and a great product.

If you dont get into details of execution , you would miss the entire fun of craftmanship. While , I am not promoting that an entreprenuer needs to be hands on everything ,all I am pointing is that an entreprenuer needs to be good at core of his idea. Indeed , its a good idea to outsource non-core activities

To me it sounds funny to be protective of ideas.

To me , what matters is the ability & drive to execute. A great entrepreneur is someone who puts a great SWEAT equity into an idea to give an idea form and function.

One of friend mentioned to me “If you go to VC firms with a brilliant idea and you tell them to sign a nondisclosure agreement, most will tell you to get lost. This shows the value of an idea”

Value starts to come in an Idea once an entrepreneur  put a flavor of execution into it.There is an iteration cycle to idea..Idea→ mini execution→ idea → execution → idea→another idea→executing→refining→success!

 Designing a product is keeping five thousand things in your brain and fitting them all together in new and different ways to get what you want. And every day you discover something new that is a new problem or a new opportunity to fit these things together a little differently. And it’s that process that is the magic. Steve Jobs

You have a choice – What is the single smallest action that you can take in the very moment which is going to move you closure towards your dream. Avoid being someone who wants things to work, without ever wanting to work things out.

Here is what comes to my mind, it will ONLY work, if you WORK IT!

With great enthusiasm & encouragement ,



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Pratyush is highly Energetic,Passionate & Inspiring IT leader who has worked for various leading Organizations such as Citicorp,Siebel,General Electric,Aditya Birla Group.Apart from his interest in technologies (CRM, Predictive Analytics & Connected World) & how technology is changing the world around us, He is constant learning being with focus of improving each & every aspect of his own life and life around him.He is passionate about spreading a message of Inspired and Happy Living.He dreams of making world a better place through a Philosophy of "Inspired & Happy Living" by adding value to every soul that he can reach. Stay Happy & Great.
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