Challenge Mediocrity

Note # This blog was originally posted on 25th Feb 2015 @

Be Master in your Craft by working on your Craft

Be Master in your Craft by working on your Craft

During one of my recent domestic trip, I saw approx 8-9 year old kid building a castle of sand in park.I overheard him saying that “I HATE to Fail”.It caught my attention and I asked him “Who told You about Failure?”.His response was his parents and his teacher have told him that its bad to Fail,its bad to lose.

Its difficult to change the installed belief system of kid by short conversation however i thought of leaving him with an insight.

I humbly asked him if he knows about “Bill Gates” ,”Sir Richard Branson” , “Steve Jobs” ,Mahatma Gandhi etc. He said yes and asked him to go and search why these respected gentlemen Failed Over and Over again ,learnt from their failures until they finally became successful.Most of them were college drop outs so “Failure” is not as bad as it is often told to us so long we continue to learn ,move forward towards the direction of our dream.

“Hate to Fail Mindset will lead you to Mediocrity” 

The thought that bothers me the most here is that it’s the Parents,Government and teachers, partly through the schools, that force students to think that Failure is BAD not realizing that its the failure that leads to success.

Recently , I was reading a book “Resolved” by Orrin Woodward, he talks about the concept oflearned helplessness. When people get so used to the way things are, they don’t think it’s possible to be anything else; it limits their beliefs, and no one will do anything if they don’t believe that they can succeed by failing forward (i.e. Keep trying until you succeed).

If we build the belief system within our kids that “easier is better” ,”Failure is bad” or “Do what rest of the world is doing” ; we are building a mediocre generation

One of the concepts that is truly essential if we truly want to build a high performing and Happier NEXT generation , we have to install “NEW belief ” system of Continuous Next Level through Failures i.e. Fail , Learn , Fail , Learn and continue to repeate till you succeed. It’s almost a cliché but it really is something that the culture has to embrace, and it really has to manifest itself in everyday behavior.

If we Build the belief system that ‘I’ve got to figure out a way to do something a little bit better today than I did yesterday’, and if you can foster that in the culture of our Society or the Culture of our organization , great things will begin to happen.

“There will never be better you than you” – Warren buffet..

Brilliant insight by Warren Buffet. There will never be a better me than me.Its easy to get caught in what society may teach us , parents forces us or teachers teaches us to be someone else then us.We forget that if we try to be somebody , we would only end 2nd version of him /or her.

We are VERY special or VERY unique to play at extraordinary level with our lives than to be 2nd best version of someone else and eventually become mediocre Professional/or human being.

We get so caught-up of being someone else that we forget our hidden potential , Our Authentic self & for that matter being simply ourselves..

Success will come by “being simply you”

I am a strong believer that if we figure out our “WHY” and become master in our craft , we will be building a generation of happier specialist vs tensed generalist…

There is a fun in living an Intense life , A life that is designed to be yourself vs mediocre someone else.

Lets Challenge Mediocrity from today , from this very moment.

Wish each one of you a world class life that you can be proud of yourself during the last moment of your Life.

Stay Great


Note # This blog was originally posted on 25th Feb 2015 @


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